How it Works

Applying for a short term payday loan via MoneyWorld is extremely simple. Below we have outlined how the process works :-


First of all if you want to apply for any of our loans you’ll need to fill in our online application form. We’ve put together our form in a way that it’s both quick and easy to fill in and also in a way that requires you to only answer the most basic/general questions about yourself. You will also be asked basic information about your employment and will need to provide us with your bank details (so we can send the loan amount to you should you be accepted). Other than that, the information we request is extremely general.


Upon submission of your application form our system will send your information to lots of lenders at once who have automatic checks in place to decide whether or not they’re interested in lending you the money you requested. 95% or more of our applicants are matched with a lender willing to lend them at least something however it’s not always the full loan amount. The amount offered will usually depend on your credit rating and eligibility.

Loan Offer

Should you be matched with a lender, you’ll receive an instant on screen loan offer. This may be less than you requested or it could be for the full amount. The information will be clearly presented on screen. The matching process above usually takes around 2 – 3 minutes, so please don’t close your browser window during this process.


If you’re accepted for a loan you will need to also accept the loan offer from your side. Again you will be presented with clear instructions as to how to go about doing this and the terms of the loan including all subsequent repayment amounts and dates will be clearly displayed. If you want to go ahead with the loan you’ll be promoted to accept and the lender will start the process of transferring the funds to you.


The transfer of the money usually occurs within 15 minutes of being accepted however some lenders take up to an hour to action the request. The funds will be sent direct to the bank account you specified during the application process and all subsequent repayments will also be taken from this specific bank. Please keep in mind that if you’re applying during a bank holiday weekend or outside of business hours in general then things might be delayed slightly.