Clever and Creative Ways for Mums to Save Money

As a busy mum, it’s often hard to track down new ways to save money as frequently as you might like to. After all, you know that every penny you save is a penny that you can put towards long-term goals, like helping your kids to pay for their future education or going on a family holiday. However, the chaos of life can often get the best of you.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far if you’ve been itching for some new and creative ways to make your cash stretch further today. We’ve put together a handful of quick and clever ways that the savviest mums can update their spending strategies in 2020.

1. Start a Babysitting Circle

Paying for childcare is one of the most expensive things that any mother will need to do. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a selection of people that you can turn to for free or cheap support. All you need to create a babysitting circle is a group of friends and trustworthy acquaintances that also have children. You all agree on days that you’re willing to look after the kids of the other people. You can also have a phone number tree that you can use to reach out to people when you need some last-minute help.

2. Look for More Benefits

When’s the last time you checked what kind of government support you might be eligible for? With the environment that we live in constantly changing, it could be the perfect time to go and speak to the Citizen’s Advice bureau about your options. Even if there isn’t anything available to help you right now, the person you speak to might be able to give you some advice on other ways that you can cut costs and improve your cash management.

3. Find Free Fun

The next time you’re browsing through Facebook, checking out posts from your friends, consider joining some local parenting groups. This will give you an excellent way to find out about free sources of fun in your area. Groups are often full of ideas for things to do and places to visit, particularly for parents who don’t have the time to get out a lot themselves. You may also find some more people you can add to that babysitting circle too.

4. Have a Yearly Clear-Out

As stressful as it can be to ask kids to give up some of their old toys and belongings, a clear out each year will do two things for you as a mum. First of all, it will mean that you can get rid of some stressful clutter from around your home. Secondly, it could mean that you can make a little extra money from selling old items. That’s cash you can put towards new birthday presents and other savings strategies too.

5. Learn how to Cook and Bake

Become more creative around the house, and you’re sure to save some money. The next time you’re craving some sweet treats, don’t go out and buy them yourself, see whether you can bake them instead. You could even bake excess of whatever you want, and freeze it for later, so you can simply whip what you need out of the freezer the next time you’re in the mood for something special. The same strategy applies for everyday meals too.

6. Reduce your Debts

Stop worrying about things like interest rates and fees. If you’re still dealing with some super expensive debts from your past, now could be the perfect time to see whether you can consolidate some of those expenses into a new personal loan. Switching old debts out into something more manageable and with a lower interest rate is a great way to keep costs to a minimum when you’re trying to reduce monthly expenses.

7. Haggle More

Get in the phone to your service providers and ask them for a better deal. More often than not, you’ll be paying more than you need to for things like gas, electricity, and broadband, because you will have been moved over onto a standard tariff after your old deal ran out. Speaking to your provider about the new offers that are available could be a quick way to save you some money. If your vendor can’t give you a better deal, then you can always switch to someone new. Although loyalty is nice, it won’t save you a lot of money in today’s fast-paced world.