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Representative Example: £400 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable). Representative 305.9% APR. We are a broker not a lender. We don't charge fees. We don't sell your personal information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide loans to people with poor credit?

Yes we do. The lenders we're partnered with specialise in providing payday loans to applicants with poor, low or outright bad credit ratings. Of course, we're not solely a bad credit payday loan service. We do also cater for those who wish to take out a loan who have a perfect credit score also. The amount you will be offered during the application process will ultimately be determined by both how much money you requested and your credit score.

Are credit checks performed?

Each lender we're partnered with is different. All reputable UK lenders perform a credit check of sorts but it's simply a matter of preference based on the lender in question. Most payday lenders only perform what is known as a soft search or soft check to verify you are who you say you are. If you are refused or simply don't wish to take a loan out for the amount offered to you then typically a record isn't left on your credit report.

How long before I receive the money?

Most transfers are sent out immediately upon your acceptance of the loan offer. The time it takes to receive it however will usually be dependent on your own banks policies. Some will allow the transfer to arrive in as little as 15 minutes where as some may take up to one hour. But most will arrive same day unless you're applying on a bank / public holiday then it's inevitable that things may get delayed slightly.

Are payday loans and short term loans the same thing?

Yes, a short term loan is essentially a payday loan. Both are relatively small value loans that are designed to be taken and paid off in an extremely timely manner. Whilst they are known as short term loans, given that they're often taken out simply to help you make ends meet until your next payday they can also be known as payday loans. But it's just a terminology thing. Same day loans, quick loans and payday loans are all pretty much the same loan type.

Do you have "offline" offices?

No, MoneyWorld is a 100% free to use online service. We don't maintain any high street offices. Some of the lenders we're partnered with do operate "offline" and you'll be told which lender it is you're dealing with during the loan acceptance process. You'll also be informed of all the various methods of contact available for that specific lender.

I want to borrow £2,000, is that possible?

You can borrow up to £2,500 via our loan matching service but the amount offered is solely going to depend on a lender being available to offer that level of funding and your credit score or report being of a good enough standard to allow the lender to feel comfortable in doing so. If you have a poor credit rating or an outright bad score then the likelihood of being accepted for such a large loan is slim. You may however be offered a different amount which you still consider suitable.

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Here's More About MoneyWorld's Service

Does MoneyWorld offer short term loans?

Yes, our service is designed solely to offer short term payday loans which are designed to be paid back quickly. Usually within 3 months but there is also the option of longer payment terms right through to 12 months. Our service allows loan applicants such as yourself to be matched with direct lenders who are able to offer you short term payday loans to tide you over until your next payday. Short term loans may also be referred to as quick loans or fast cash loans depending on your preference.

I want to deal directly with a lender, possible?

Our system is designed to automatically match you with the best lender out there depending on how much you want to borrow and how eligible you are given your credit rating and such. Once a matched lender is found, you'll be given the choice as to whether to take out a payday loan with that specific lender. All contact from that point onwards will be with the direct lender you have been matched with and all subsequent payments and dealings will be with the payday lender directly.

Am I allowed to use the loan for any purpose?

There is no specific requirement for you to use one of the loans we broker for a specific purpose. Payday loans in general are designed to simply keep you going until your next payday. They should not however be used for non-essential purchases as that is simply irresponsible. With that said you entirely free to use the loan for whatever purposes you wish providing you honour the agreement and pay back the loan as and when it's requested.

What are no credit check loans?

In short, no credit check loans and simply payday loans which don't require any credit check of the applicant before acceptance. Each lender is different and whilst there are no reputable UK payday lenders in the market who simply do not perform any credit checks there are lenders out there who will only perform what is known as a soft check or soft search to verify you are who you say you are with no lasting credit footprint like you'd expect when taking out a regular loan from your highstreet bank.

Can I get a loan with bad credit?

Yes, we cater for people with bad or poor credit ratings right through to those with a perfect score. Our loan matching system takes into account your credit profile and will only match you with a lender who will be able to cater for your needs. You will not be subject to any additional credit checks once a loan offer has been accepted. If you're offered an amount that offer stands, regardless of your poor credit rating or score.

Am I eligible?

To use the MoneyWorld loan brokering service you have to be at least 18 years old, reside in the United Kingdom, maintain a UK based bank account and have a regular job with income paid into that same bank account. These are the only base requirements required in order to apply for one of our payday loans. The loan amount will be sent to the bank you specify during the application process and subsequent repayments will also be sent from that same account.

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I received a £1,000 loan straight to my bank account within around an hour thanks to MoneyWorld. Thanks guys, that really helped me out!

Sam, Newmarket

I got an instant on screen loan offer within around 5 minutes of finding Great service, traditional banks could learn a thing or two!

Natalie, Glasgow

Being an experienced payday loan user I feel I am well qualified to say MoneyWorld offers one of the best services out there when it comes to lending.

Gareth, Holywell

Great service, great website, really easy to use and that application form is one of the best I have seen - and I've seen a lot as this is my 5th loan! Great work!

Jimmy, London

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